Lakshmi’s Garden


Lakshmi’s Garden is a listening painting made with ink and acrylic paint. For this piece, I listened to the mantra ‘om shreem mahalakshmiyei namaha’ throughout its creation. Lakshmi is a Goddess of Abundance.I imagined that her garden of heavenly delights would be filled with the mystical seeds of future earth fruits that begin with sacred geometry and flow into organic forms. The landscape is all colours and is more like the free-floating lightspace of very small and very large perspectives unbound by the usual horizon that human bodies experience while relating to the heavenly body of earth.

IMG_1411 IMG_1410

the year in review

Today I realized that it’s been a year since my last solo show. This marks a huge change! In the past dozen years of making things since art school I have always been scurrying about trying to put my art on any wall, at any party, at a yoga studio or a friend’s place or wherever. I was always busy but never really very focused. This past year I have been working steadily towards the biggest installation that I have ever put together for a private commission. I have moved into a new studio where I have been painting and drawing a little bit when I’m not studying for my theology degree. And of course, I made a zine for expozine and some other digital stuff. But sales have been online though¬†and through my studio. I’m curious to see what will happen over the course of the next year – whether I’ll keep hiding or bust right out my shell.