the fall

Have you been waiting for some external structure to take over for your skeleton? It’s that time of the year. Remembering other falls, other conditions and simplifying the present experience. Here is a work in progress, just started on vellum. Threads to bind and tether, mutually agreed upon gazes. Bingeing on non-violent communication and following in the footsteps of the Fool. What’s next?

spring cleaning

Here are some little “quilt paintings” from the vault. I made these in 2004/5 while living in a basement on Rivard Street while I worked by day as a jewellery designer. They are mixed media on ~6″x8″ canvasses that I bought at the dollarama. Eventually I cut them off the frames because they were falling apart so they are now variable sizes.

revelation, illuminated!

I am a little bit shy to share this because it is so close to my heart, but if you promise to keep this very quiet, you may know that I have taken the first tentative steps embarking on a journey that has been in the works for quite a long time. It is an illuminated manuscript of the book of revelation, created through a contemplative process mixing sigils, sacred geometry and intuitive markmaking. This is going to take a long time and it will eventually result in a beautiful bookwork, a folio of prints and seven large, intricate drawings. Work in progress!!


pivots, acrylic on cotton paper, 9″x19″

You know what I was not expecting? That after spending so many years hiding in the woods and choosing to come back to Montreal to participate in civilization, that the world I was so ready to rejoin would shut down. Of course, we were all caught by surprise this past year and had to recallibrate on deep levels. I ended up back in the woods, having no opportunies in the city and being unable to access my studio for many months. Luckily I was able to return to the mountain where I had already spent so much time alone to wait out the uncertain time, checking the news nonstop once the internet was hooked up. I worked in the summer months at a local greenhouse and raised a few chickens in my own garden. Near the end of the summer, a dear friend visited and I realized that I needed to start really making art again. I was frozen for a lot of the year but I thawed out and things started flowing. Here are the paintings and drawings from this weird year. 💛

the star, acrylic with oil glaze on panel, 30″x40″
resonant worlds, acrylic on panel, 4@10″x10″
twin flames, acrylic on panel triptych, 24″x48″
quatrofoil, acrylic on cotton paper, 9″x14″
ring of fire, acrylic on canvas, 20″x20″
fireflower buds, acrylic on paper, 12″x20″
today, acrylic and UV paint on canvas, 20″x20″
firedrop, acrylic on cotton paper, 9″x19″
the weight of dark waters, acrylic on panel, 20″x24″
starpod, acrylic on panel, 16″x16″
all the leaves are rainbows, watercolour on arches paper, 20″x30″ *sold*

open studio


For the past few years I’ve been hiding up in the Laurentians forest working on an all consuming painting commission – four 6’x12′ triptychs aligned with the cardinal points and painted by the seasons, called ‘the altars to the directions’. The finishing touches of this large-scale time-based painting series are now happening at my downtown atelier. The studio is open to visitors by chance and by appointment until the winter solstice.

372 rue Ste-Catherine Ouest, Belgo Building, studio #531, Montreal, Quebec H2B 1A2   

above: detail, centre panel, ‘the altar of the east’, acrylic with oil glaze on panel, 2019. 

trou de ver // wormhole


curated by:
Jennifer Hamilton

including works by:
Mary Lou Freel
Mike Patten
Chrissy Cheung
Ben Williamson
Madeline Richards
Kara Williams
Bettina Forget
Ann Hadley-Lasusa
Gavin Sewell
Dewey Guyen
Chris Dyer
Heidi Daehler
Wah Wing Chan
Amy Vickberg
and more!!

Show runs September 8-29
Vernissage September 8, 3-5pm
Open Saturdays 12-5 and by appointment.

Espace 532 YMUNO at the Belgo – 372 Ste-Catherine Ouest, Montreal, QC H3B 1A2

image: “The Wishing Heart”, Copper and Acrylic and Ink on Canvas, 56″ x 56″ 

les papillons imaginaires

You know the moment when you connect with another and you feel…?


“Papillons de sagesse”

20” x 30”

Acrylique et encre sur papier



Les Papillons Imaginaires | Imaginary Butterflies, a show of paintings and drawings at Galerie d’art Monfort in the Monfort Pavillion opens this Saturday, August 4, with a vernissage from 2-4pm.



OPENING! The Painter 8 Arts Society will be presenting ‘Whisper’ at the ModArt Gallery in the Wynwood district of Miami starting on July 21. This very special presentation of paintings looks at many aspects and experiences of mental health to raise awareness and, I hope, will ignite the fires of compassion so that the world can be a more tolerant and loving place. If you would like to attend the opening, RSVP.


“Shantih Shantih Shantih”

Acrylic and Ink on Canvas

24″ x 60″