pivots, acrylic on cotton paper, 9″x19″

You know what I was not expecting? That after spending so many years hiding in the woods and choosing to come back to Montreal to participate in civilization, that the world I was so ready to rejoin would shut down. Of course, we were all caught by surprise this past year and had to recallibrate on deep levels. I ended up back in the woods, having no opportunies in the city and being unable to access my studio for many months. Luckily I was able to return to the mountain where I had already spent so much time alone to wait out the uncertain time, checking the news nonstop once the internet was hooked up. I worked in the summer months at a local greenhouse and raised a few chickens in my own garden. Near the end of the summer, a dear friend visited and I realized that I needed to start really making art again. I was frozen for a lot of the year but I thawed out and things started flowing. Here are the paintings and drawings from this weird year. 💛

the star, acrylic with oil glaze on panel, 30″x40″
resonant worlds, acrylic on panel, 4@10″x10″
twin flames, acrylic on panel triptych, 24″x48″
quatrofoil, acrylic on cotton paper, 9″x14″
ring of fire, acrylic on canvas, 20″x20″
fireflower buds, acrylic on paper, 12″x20″
today, acrylic and UV paint on canvas, 20″x20″
firedrop, acrylic on cotton paper, 9″x19″
the weight of dark waters, acrylic on panel, 20″x24″
starpod, acrylic on panel, 16″x16″
all the leaves are rainbows, watercolour on arches paper, 20″x30″ *sold*

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