group show at @bbamgallery
808 Atwater, MTL, QC
Rest in Peace
acrylic on panel
80″ x 80″
This piece came about last year on my days off while I was working in Spiritual Care at the Lakeshore General Hospital. My work at the hospital was to provide emotional, spiritual and moral support to patients and their families who were going through medical issues and in many cases they were in palliative care. It was heavy and lonely since for a lot of last year we were all living in lockdown and it was hard to connect with friends, family and community. It was also a very different world inside the hospital than outside so I found it impossible to share what was going on. Instead, I focused my attention on the great mysteries of sacred geometry using pencil on panel to trace out both perfect grids of circles and very chaotic yet highly entangled knots in four mirrored panels. Then I meticulously connected all of the lines together and filled in the negative spaces with acrylic paint. I am so excited to share this work publicly for the first time at BBAM! gallery.
You can see it now!!

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